Technology Tournament – “Greatest Yet”


Many club members were involved with running the annual rotary technology tournament for school teams in March 2014.

The teams of 4 that take part (3 per school), meet a task for the first time when they enter the John Charles Central sports hall on the day. They are required to build a model from cardboard, dowel, small electric motor etc and have it tested by 2.40pm. The winners in each section receive a prize and a trophy for the school.

The task was to build a vehicle that would carry a rescue supply load across a crocodile-infested river. Foundation level had to ensure that it crossed. Intermediate level had also to drop the load at the right spot on the other side. The advanced group had to complete the same but also to return the vehicle to the starting point.

The task required them to use gears and switches (both mechanical and electrical). But above all, they needed to use enterprise skills such as teamwork and developing & testing of different designs. All of the teams had a model in the final test. The feedback from the teams, teachers and judges was that this was the best task they had undertaken. All teams enjoyed having to experiment when their initial designs had to be modified. This was pleasing as it was the first one designed by our Rotary District (1040) Group. The UK needs engineers and designers and for most participants this was the first model they had to design, make and test. For more details see

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