St Peter’s Rotary Recital Competition

Half term at St Peter’s starts with a celebration of song and performance.

Recital 2015 (Copy)

This was the third ‘ROTARY RECITAL’ and the standard of singing and presentation of the poems seems to rise every year. We heard only the finalists from each class but every child had learnt and performed a poem in the early rounds. This is a tremendous achievement, especially as several of the finalists did not have English as their first language.

Three of the judges are Rotarians: President Chris Walbank, Colette Crossen and John Hafseth.  John’s is a well-known face now as he comes in regularly to listen to children read. The two other judges were the Chair of Governors, Victoria Dalby and Vice Chair, Jean Hartley.

The two winners received individual cups presented by the President and all finalists received books and certificates.  A further honour is that the names of DANAIT TEDROS (Kesystage 1) who recited Eleanor Farjeon’s  ‘Cats Sleep Anywhere’ and  RICARDO GREY (Keysage 2) who recited Spike Milligan’s ‘The Glutton’ will be engraved on the ROTARY RECITAL SHIELD which is displayed in the Entrance Hall. Thanks to head teacher, Liz Holliday, for making this event so central to the School’s year.



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