Record Christmas Collection at Sainsbury’s

A record amount of £2,300 was collected at the club’s annual charity collection outside Sainsbury’s, Moor Allerton.

Our first Santa, Paul Kennedy, ably assisted by  President Pran, set the ball rolling at 8.30 am and it was 5.30 pm before we were done. Through the day Santa talked to children, distributed chocolates, sang carols and regularly thanked Sainsbury’s for allowing us to collect for local charities. December 23 is the busiest day for Sainsbury’s and they have kindly agreed to allocate it to us again next year. The customers at Sainsbury’s know us: local people collecting for local charities, and it is going to take more than Storm Barbara to stop us doing it!

Wheatfields, St Germma’s, St George’s Crypt, Caring for Life and Leeds Foodbanks West will each receive £460. Hands on heart: “We are for communities!


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