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Technology Challenge

Many members of the club have a long experience in industry and of the skills needed to survive in today’s competitive market.

Many had been exposed to having to make things for themselves as specialist shops did not exist – even DIY was unknown as such.

As a consequence the country benefited from the skills developed  – such as building from bits of old junk, showing initiative and teamwork. These are a part of the array of skills needed by them and the UK to be successful in their future.


We became involved with other 9 Leeds Clubs in running an annual Rotary Technology Tournament (RTT). This is held in March each year and school teams of 4 students – at 3 different  Key Stages – are asked to solve a simple practical problem.


Our last event required the teams to design, build and test, a weather satellite launcher. This met with great success and pupils aged 11 – 17 had to work as a team to solve it. Another such event will be run on March 13th 2018 at the John Charles Sports Centre South Leeds. The popularity of these events has increased as the number of centres offering the Rotary Technology Challenge in our District, has increased from 4 when we joined, to 15.

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