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Sand Dams


District 1040 are currently accumulating funds for the creation of several Sand Dams in Africa. Sand Dams are a novel but effective low-tech means of collecting and storing water in areas which experience flash flooding in otherwise arid areas. The process is remarkably simple, requiring the construction of a concrete dam across a dry watercourse. As sand is washed downstream on the occasion of a flood, it accumulates behind the dam, and on progressive floods builds up in such a way as to create a porous bank of sand which itself then becomes the means of storing water in a manner which prevents evaporation. The sand acts as a filter so that clean water may be drawn off through the dam wall and used for domestic and other purposes, including irrigation.

The Leeds Group of clubs were challenged by Assistant Governor David to raise £1,000 each during Rotary year 2012-3. These funds have now been raised and sent to the District Treasurer. He is planning to collate the similar efforts of other clubs in our District and apply to the Rotary Foundation for a grant to significantly increase the value of the sums so-far raised.

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