Fun & Fundraising at Moortown Golf Club

As expected, members of the Club responded with their characteristic generosity to the request for raffle prizes at the dinner arranged by our Foundation Committee members. Carrying too many of these to my car, the handles of a  plastic bag split and two bottles of good red wine formed a pool on the cobbles at the entrance to Devonshire Hall. Panic! What if one of these bottles turned out to be a rare 1947 Chateau Petrus? In the hope that it wasn’t, I decided to replace them with something I would be prepared to drink if I won, rather than bottles that would find their way back to a subsequent raffle. Another panic struck as storm “Gertrude” approached. Would all the raffle prizes be on the wrong side of the Wharfe on the night of the Dinner?

All was well on the night. The early 20th century Moortown Golf Club was warm and smelled of North Leeds golfing affluence. Peter and Pamela Woodhead were there and the staff helpful. Pamela immediately took control of the raffle prizes, turning a collection of bags, boxes and parcels into an attractive display designed to seduce the unwary punter.

The unwary punters rolled in to find that they had to buy raffle tickets before they were given any information on the location of cloakrooms. Peter Spratt hunted down anyone who had slipped past the first barrier. Pre-dinner drinks allowed for the inspection of honours boards. 1929 Ryder Cup – GB 7 : USA 5 seemed to be a pleasing result.

The food and service were excellent. The ‘Captain’s Choice’, a Shiraz/Viognier blend from Boschendal, even more so. Enough to make you take up golf at Moortown.

Respite Care at Vine House, Leeds Weekenders’ Care Association

On a more serious note our Guest Speaker was Caroline Bond, Chair of Trustees for the Leeds Weekenders’ Care Association. Caroline, who has a teenage daughter with special needs, explained the purpose of the organisation and the tremendous support it can give to both the children and their parents. A worthy cause to which our raffle provided £215 together with the profit on the meal making a total of over £300.

Monty’s friend, Jim Throssell, has long been a supporter of our Club and we are indebted to him for inviting us to Moortown Golf Club under his auspices.

A successful evening socially with a contribution to LWCA.

PJK 31.1.16

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