Concert Raises £1000 for Teenage Cancer Care

pic1On 18 March, 2015 The Music Scholars at the Grammar School at Leeds provided a fund raising concert  the Clothworkers Hall at the University of Leeds.

The students performed quite beautifully, at a level most of us will not achieve in a lifetime and with care and sensitivity in the ensemble playing: an excellent advertisement for the School and what they are now achieving under Andrew Wheeler’s leadership as Head of the Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts and Director of Instrumental Studies. The Principal of GSAL and his wife, Mike and Penny Gibbons, had hoped to be there but illness unfortunately prevented them at the last minute. It is also sad that Bob Tebb could not be with us; so much music in the school and university is the result of his encouragement and practical help.pic2

The accounts are incomplete at the moment, awaiting a cheque for advance ticket sales from The Grammar School. Our Club turned out in force and there were good sales on the door on the night. It looks as though we shall have raised something in the order of £1,000 for ‘Get A Life’ supporting Teenage Cancer Care in Leeds Hospitals.

The people who made this happen are Ernest Kirkby (who incidentally introduced me to this Club); Mrs Beverley Kenny, (Director of Events at The University of Leeds, whose funding  enabled us to obtain the Clockworkers Hall,  staffing and refreshments and who encouraged us all along the way) and of course, Andrew Wheeler whose talented scholars gave us such a memorable concert.

Andrew writes: It was a delight for us to come over to the Clothworkers and play for you. The pupils really enjoyed the occasion and felt greatly appreciated by you and your audience

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