Bridge Drive Riases over £1,000 for Local Charity

On Monday 2nd March 60 players challenged each other at the table in the Annual Bridge Drive, held by the Club in St Giles’ Church Hall, Bramhope. Each player paid £12 for playing and for a buffet lunch and tea.

At the end of the afternoon the two winners were Roger and Josie Rhodes, who received vouchers which were generously provided by Lily’s flower shop in Bramhope. The runners-up were Wendy Taylor and Jean Geddie, who received a bottle of wine each, and the Wooden Spoon was awarded to Audrey Crawford and Jean Brayshaw, who received two packs of new cards to alleviate their misery and give them hope that they might do better next time!

The proceeds of the day will be presented to the President’s charity, ‘Think Like a Pony’, based at Woodlands Farm, Occupation Lane, Bramhope. This organisation was set up to help young vulnerable boys and girls to learn how to handle animals, in particular horses and ponies.  Lynn Henry spoke very movingly about how the young people were taught how to approach an animal calmly but firmly, building up confidence on both sides. All present were invited to visit the farm.

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