Bridge Drive Raises £1,100 for St Vincent’s Project, East Leeds

There must be few Bridge players, who, at some time or other, have not threatened to give up the game. ‘We’ve had no cards!’, ‘Why did I play that ace?’ or, more likely, ‘Partner, what were you doing putting me into Four Spades?’ are all cries well known to Bridge players. But that is Bridge. It can be infuriating. But the game keeps coming up for air, and to prove the point 64 players, paying £12 each for lunch and tea, tested each other in the annual Headingley Rotary Club Bridge Drive, held in St Giles’ Church Hall, Bramhope.

The proceeds for the day, amounting to £1,100 went to the President’s charity for the year: St Vincent’s, an organisation doing valuable work to help those in need of funds, friendship or guidance. During the lunch break, Sheena Eastwood, the manager, talked about the work done at St Vincent’s. Later, a short video was shown.

The club and St Vincent’s are grateful for those who paid to play and for those who helped organise the event and provide the food

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