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Technology Tournament – Even Greater Success!

A record number of 49 teams from 16 secondary level schools took part in the event on 28th February 2017. The winners were all those that took part. However the sections won were
Advanced Read School
Intermediate Ralph Thoresby
Foundation Priesthorpe School F2
The Innovation Award (judged by Rtn Dave Hastings, who was co-organiser in the first 8 events), is Horsforth School Foundation 2


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Water Water – Nowhere

Rtn George Duffett volunteered at the last minute to speak to members as the booked speaker was unable to make it. He chose to tell us about his time when he went to work in South Africa and about what life was like then.
He informed us that Water was the main topic of conversation as SA suffers up to 7 years of heavy raib and then 7 years of drought. When he arrived in Jo’burg in the 60’s the reservoirs were down to 8%. The city is located on an elevated plateau 1000 miles from Capetown and 400 from any sea.

Water was being imported from Lesotho. Restrictions on water use were severe. Water was essential for crop and other food production. Mines did not help as they had disturbed the main crust.

Life was much more difficult and he missed the rain of the UK

Well done George at short notice

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A Merry Performance


DSC02812 (Copy)Pupils from St Peters Primary school gave a jubilant and high level concert at our Christmas lunch. Continue reading

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