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Did you know that…..

  • starting with 4 people meeting in 1904, Rotary now has over 1.250,000 members worldwide and covers all cultures and religions.
  • Any member can visit any of the 34,000 clubs in over 200 countries worldwide and is encouraged to do so
  • Rotary is based on what happens in clubs which helps to give personal development, friendship and social activity as well as service
  • However when clubs combine efforts to tackle problems, they are very effective
  • One of these is to eradicate polio which is almost done
  • but it supports many other international, national and local causes
  • because of this, Rotary is the only NGO with an office at the UN (by invitation)
  • it is wide open to all races and gender
  • The President for Rotary in the UK (referred to as RIBI) as from July 2013 is  Nan McCreadie, she will be the first woman president
  • However many Rotary clubs and districts in other countries have female presidents
  • the minimum age for joining Rotary is 18

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