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Meet The Council


John Hafseth – President

Paul Kennedy –                 President-Elect

Alan Wittrick – Treasurer &                   Vice President












Pran Bhattacharrya – Immediate Past President & Deputy Chair of C&V Projects Committee

Nick Pinches – Secretary;
E Handbook & Website

Colette Crossen – Chair Community and Vocational Projects











Peter Woodhead – Chair Foundation & International Projects

David Kirby – Deputy Chair Foundation & International Projects; Archivist

Keith Crowther – Chair Membership Services











Steve Bates – Deputy Chair Membership Services Committee; Health & Safety Officer; Equality and Diversity Officer

Monty Reid – Chair Social Committee; Chief Cashier; New Members Mentor

Drew Dodds – Deputy Chair Social Committee












Adrian Simmons – Chair Speaker Finders Committee

Cliff Beddows – Schools Technology Tournament

Iain Farquharson-Welsh – St Peter’s Cubs and Beavers group











Chris Walbank – Publicity & Communications Officer;        St Peter’s Liaison Officer

 Robert Gee – Chief Steward and SpeakerTechnology

 Peter Morris –   Almoner










Council consists of the Club Officers, Committee Chairmen and the Club Protection & Health and Safety Officer. It usually meets 6 times a year but can be called to meet at short notice to discuss and resolve any significant issues of interest to the club. All Council meetings are open to all club members who may attend as a non-voting member whenever they wish. Some may be invited to do so for specific purposes.




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