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The role of the committee is to assist Rotarians to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace. This is achieved by enabling them to become acquainted with people of other countries, their cultures, customs, accomplishments, aspirations, and problems, through personal contacts, travel, attendance at conventions, reading, correspondence, cooperation in all club activities and projects that will help people in other lands.

David Kirby - Chair International Service

David Kirby – Chair International Service

Other purposes are:

  1. To carry out work with RI, RIBI and other suitable organisations on other humanitarian and educational projects, in order to improve food production and educational opportunities worldwide (eg Polio, Aquabox, Shelter Box, Water Aid, Doctor Bank, Sightsavers International, Vision Aid, Mercy Ships etc)
  2. To give help and assistance directly to those individuals and countries where major disasters have happened throughout the world.

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