Who we are

devonshire hall in 1973, The Rotary Club of Headingley is one of over 30.000 clubs worldwide in one of over 200 countries. We aim to contribute our own special skills for the benefit of the community through various local and international charities as well as enjoying social events. As with most clubs, we meet weekly for a meal and talk. This encourages personal development and social activity.  These weekly meetings are at the heart of the club and of Rotary.

We are 1 of 11 clubs in the Leeds Group within District 1040

The club which currently has about 47 members is noted for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere with formalities kept to a minimum.

We meet on twoTuesday Lunchtimes, One evening and one zoom.

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How we operate

We have a number of committees to channel our main efforts. They have certain allocated responsibilities but any member can contribute. Community & Vocational Foundation & International Membership Publicity Meet The Council

Charitable Giving

2019-20 Rotary Foundation £1205.50 Rob Burrow Fund £350.00 Rotary International End Polio Now £700.25 Rotary District Flood Appeal £300.00 Think Like a Pony £5,702.00 St Peter’s Primary School £219.75 Wheatfields Hospice £2,757.85 Water Aid £150.00 Leeds NW Foodbanks £1,789.10 Rotary Young Chef Competition £150.00 Leeds Women’s Aid £750.00 Australian Fund £104.50 St Gemma’s Hospice £475.85 …

Rotary International

The first Rotary Club was formed in Chicago in 1905 by Paul Harris.  Wishing to capture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he remembered from the small towns of his youth, he and three business acquaintances started meeting together on a regular basis – and created what became the world’s largest voluntary public …

Rotary in Britain & Ireland

Rotary International Britain and Ireland (RIBI) is as the name suggests, the association of Rotary clubs within England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, comprising 53,000 members – men and women of all ages and backgrounds – in 1,850 clubs. More details

A Headingley Rotarian

Members enjoy weekly lunchtime meetings, which are usually followed by a short talk from a visiting speaker and cover a wide range of topical subjects, sometimes associated with our special projects. The Rotary motto ‘We’re for Communities’ expresses in a nutshell what our charitable activities are about, at local, national and international levels.  Within the Club, the ethos …

Did you know that…..

Starting with 4 people meeting in 1904, Rotary now has over 1.250,000 members worldwide and covers all cultures and religions. Any member can visit any of the 34,000 clubs in over 200 countries worldwide and is encouraged to do so Rotary is based club activities which help to give personal development, friendship and social interaction as well …