March of the Gladiators – SUCCESS!

We’ve done it! Our Gladiators successfully returned to their home of Headingley on Friday 31st July. We have now raised  £7500 in donations for Wheatfields Hospice, Leeds FoodBanks and other charities.

The Gladiators have marched to Rome and back; an unbelievable distance of 7555 km.   Many, many thanks to our Gladiator Walkers for your superb support of our Walking Challenge Event throughout July 2020 and to our many generous donors who have helped us achieve and surpass our £5000 target.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, crowds of their supporters were not allowed to greet them at Headingley Stadium.  Since leaving Dieppe last Saturday morning they have travelled via many of their favourite Roman British sites to highlight the influence of their forefathers. Fortunately their accompanying press team have been able to attach a Final March of the Gladiators video to let everyone see how far they have journeyed in Britain.

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