District Governor Comes to Headingley

President Chris with DG Rod Walmsley, President-Elect Iain and Vice President John

President Chris with DG Rod Walmsley, President-Elect Iain and Vice President John

On 3rd February 2015, Rod Walmsley, District-Governor of 1040 visited us.

He brought the Club up to date with the international and national faces of the Rotary Movement, bridging the gap between our local work and what is going on elsewhere. With a background in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, the Outward Bound Movement and Round Table, Rod is no stranger to voluntary work and his career in finance has been central to his involvement in Rotary. He is a member and Past President of lkley RC.

Rod also happens to be an excellent speaker who can bring to life people he knows: our International President, Gary C K Huang (an industrialist), RIBI President Peter King (a circuit judge specialising in immigration and with a keen interest in Bradford University’s Peace studies).

He described his trip to San Diego together with 730 other DGs which impressed on him the truly global impact of Rotary’s activities. He passionately supports Polio Plus which is has nearly achieved eradication of this terrible disease (predicted target 2017/128). Foundation initiatives in the wider world deserve and receive our support. More locally, he told us of Kate Regale from Dent who is dedicated to Rotary’s involvement in war-torn African countries such as Somalia, Sudan and Congo. She is our next Peace Scholar and will study at Brisbane University.

Membership, he stressed is still our priority and he invited us to consider various alternative club structures, types of associate membership and satellite clubs. Ironically I had just come from a membership meeting at which these very topics had been discussed.  Central, though, are the fellowship and friendships which arise out of our meetings and he recognised the importance of the speaker finders in this respect. He also recognised the busy schedule of our own club which was very clear from the website and the editions of ‘Flywheel’ with which he was familiar.

We are grateful to Rod for the visit, his encouragement and for giving us the wider picture. His visit also cemented his personal friendship to The Club.


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