Journey to the Top of the Earth

Katherine tells members about the journey up the Tanglang La pass 5300 metres up in the Ladakh region of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir

18 year old Katherine Hopkinson was our guest speaker recently. She told us about her recent trip with the British Exploration Society to the Himalayas and how it was a life-changing experience. The adventure really started at home when she worked in the holidays and created sponsored events to raise the money. Unlike her colleagues,  including some leaders of the science team who had to be stretchered off the mountain with altitude sickness, she found that she was able to cope with the diminished oxygen. Having carried their own equipment and tents up to a second base camp, there was a scientific dimension to the expedition involving taking samples of earth and plant life. Such vigour, sense of purpose and sheer determination in an eighteen year old is refreshing to see. Speaker’s Host, David Kirby, himself a geographer, alluded to this and wished her every success as she pursues a degree in Physical Science at Durham University

Sept 2017

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