1066 and none of all that!

Hotfoot from The Battle of Hastings, commemorating the day of the Battle, at Devonshire Hall, Veteran monologuer Baron Michael Coles, rushed into the astonished assembly with news of the Battle. It soon became apparent from the spluttering utterances of this mail-clad buffoon that all had not gone well! Compulsory French in School, frogs legs and Chanel No. 9, loomed large in the popular eye – yes, all had been tragically perdue and Harold had lost his eye for the main chance! This extraordinary meeting of the Club was pledged in President’s Mead and in none less than the presence of Assistant-District Governor Andrew Wilson and President Barry Mills of Aireborough! The spirit of Standley Holloway and ‘That certain seaside place called Blackpool’ remain securely ensured of immortality and as long as there are anniversaries to be celebrated Headingley Rotary Club will seize the day. But for heaven’s sake, don’t tell Drew that The Battle of Agincourt is coming up next year !

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